from by Flânerie



A monotone rhythm of rusted wheels...
A heavy, metallic screech resounds.
Descending from, the gray giant,
I know that I've reached my destination.

Leaving, the grayness of this urban life,
I'm seeking the truth, so hard to find...
The arcane power, that I've never felt before,
I long to taste, these landscapes never savoured before,
Soundscapes pollinated with passerine melodies,
They whisper reality, into my newly open ears!

Letting loose all the mud, amassed into my soul,
I feel purity for the first time,
Multiple colours surround my fragile body...
I know that I'm part of this macrocosm!

But... is this place eternal?
Or will it fall to the corporate cannibals?

A sudden fear weaves all the away through my mind...
Is the urban haze ready to conquer this sacred ground?


from fig. 1. - Le flâneur, released March 16, 2013



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Flânerie Romania

The idea of the band dates back to early 2010, but due to several problems and difficulties it wasn't born until the beginning of 2011. It's a vessel of our need of self expression, channeling thoughts that are born living in a modern, technically advanced society and urban milieu.

• Dust - Vocals
• S. - Guitars
• Poszter - Guitars
• L - Bass
• Aradia - Keyboard, Vocals
• Bronson - Drums
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