fig. 1. - Le flâneur

by Flânerie

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released March 16, 2013

• Dust - vocals, baroque recorder, tulnic
• S. - guitars
• Poszter - guitars
• L. - bass, backing vocals, keyboards, drum programming, accordion

Thanks go out to Aradia and Bronson who helped us out during rehearsals.

All music and lyrics by Flânerie.
Mixed, and mastered by L.
Cover art by S.

Huge thanks to all of our friends who came to our rehearsals and supported us along the way.



all rights reserved


Flânerie Romania

The idea of the band dates back to early 2010, but due to several problems and difficulties it wasn't born until the beginning of 2011. It's a vessel of our need of self expression, channeling thoughts that are born living in a modern, technically advanced society and urban milieu.

• Dust - Vocals
• S. - Guitars
• Poszter - Guitars
• L - Bass
• Aradia - Keyboard, Vocals
• Bronson - Drums
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Track Name: u.d.
A monotone rhythm of rusted wheels...
A heavy, metallic screech resounds.
Descending from, the gray giant,
I know that I've reached my destination.

Leaving, the grayness of this urban life,
I'm seeking the truth, so hard to find...
The arcane power, that I've never felt before,
I long to taste, these landscapes never savoured before,
Soundscapes pollinated with passerine melodies,
They whisper reality, into my newly open ears!

Letting loose all the mud, amassed into my soul,
I feel purity for the first time,
Multiple colours surround my fragile body...
I know that I'm part of this macrocosm!

But... is this place eternal?
Or will it fall to the corporate cannibals?

A sudden fear weaves all the away through my mind...
Is the urban haze ready to conquer this sacred ground?
Track Name: hAze
Walking, looking around, the lights are acidic, burning my eyes...
Same face, at every corner, a copy-pasted taste...

Wandering souls, with withered shells, they notice nothing with their empty eyes...

Smoke fills your lungs,
The mist obscures the eyes,
They're the sour fumes, of our unstable fortress!

Pour your soul into the sewers,
And shoot someone else's into your veins... Fill your mind!
Decay permeates somehow,
Into the essence of your construction.

Walking, looking around, the lights are burning, they're burning so cold,
I'm deafened by radio waves...

Decay streams through the sprawling circuits
Of a rusted old machine...
Track Name: Vivid Collision
Sitting here
Atop this hill
By a vivid collision,
Of lucid thoughts
Seeing through
The heavy fog,
the walls crumble
A bright light
Filters through the cracks
And shines upon,
My unclad soul
I wonder if...
... this might be
the vigour I've been yearning for...

An old shepherd
wandering across
these blighted biospheres
the land is reflecting
his roaming spirit...
...only his flask can soothe the pain
His aging eyes
have seen so much
Yet he cannot comprehend
What will happen,
when the modern world...
... conquers this amazing land...

Accelerate, towards a mechanised world,
White light turns to gray
And old thoughts start to fade away
...They start to fade away...

Unfamiliar shouts you hear
As though they were never near
To push you away forever
From this messy, chaotic endeavour

The yoke on your neck is so tight,
It's driven by terror and fright...

And so you began to wonder...
How is one to live in this manner?
Track Name: Fragments of Life
Through this window, I see,
Lives in fragments, decadence, and suffering...

Lights from outside are burning,
They're burning what remains of me...
Light of decadence, of decadence

Light and colours change,
I can't look away...