Walking, looking around, the lights are acidic, burning my eyes...
Same face, at every corner, a copy-pasted taste...

Wandering souls, with withered shells, they notice nothing with their empty eyes...

Smoke fills your lungs,
The mist obscures the eyes,
They're the sour fumes, of our unstable fortress!

Pour your soul into the sewers,
And shoot someone else's into your veins... Fill your mind!
Decay permeates somehow,
Into the essence of your construction.

Walking, looking around, the lights are burning, they're burning so cold,
I'm deafened by radio waves...

Decay streams through the sprawling circuits
Of a rusted old machine...


from fig. 1. - Le flâneur, released March 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Flânerie Romania

The idea of the band dates back to early 2010, but due to several problems and difficulties it wasn't born until the beginning of 2011. It's a vessel of our need of self expression, channeling thoughts that are born living in a modern, technically advanced society and urban milieu.

• Dust - Vocals
• S. - Guitars
• Poszter - Guitars
• L - Bass
• Aradia - Keyboard, Vocals
• Bronson - Drums
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